Toverland : the making of an abri visual
For Gewest13 we made this Abri visual & Animation
A pleasant collaboration where several disciplines came together.
Project coordination and (Art) Direction by Gewest13.
Pim4 was responsible for the 3D art
Retouche by Studio Schrover & Gewest13

Here's a look at the different steps involved :
Proposing and discussing viewpoints with client
Make lighting proposal/ mockup of background
Modelling the shells (from photo)
Modeling props for the background
Assembling background (itoo forest!)
Mockup render -> for placement of models photographer Jeroen van der Wielen
Here are some of the renderpasses for retouche
z depth
object id pass
diffuse pass
extra background pass
extra foreground pass
foreground fog
detailed coaster render pass
See the project on Gewest13's website
More info about the retouche by Joost Schrover
Toverland : the making of the animation
the eye development (thanks to André Ferwerda for the sculpting)
rigging the track (in Houdini bij Johan Boekhoven)
the rig ported to 3dsmax
first run of a camera on the track to find adequate sequences
discussing needed renderpasses for the videoguys (Spreadmotion)
investigating different lighting scenario's
test render lighted scene
rigging and animating the wing flaps
first render of wing flaps
set it on fire!
see the project on Gewest13's website
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