In 2017 I founded VR|Venture to be able to offer more complex projects such as VR, AR and WebGL.
So, whilst still alive and kicking, not that much updates here.

Hi! I'm Pim Rongen. a 3D professional since 1995. I'm running my own business since 1999
Being a small  flexible studio Pim4 can be anything you wish. Just a part in your design pipeline, or a studio providing full multimedia productions.
Pim4 is located in Nuenen (near Eindhoven), the Netherlands. We have our own renderfarm and a vast network of professional specialists to work with. Feel free to get in touch! mail us at or just call: +31 654 255 140
To give an idea of what we do, amongst other work we reaslised :
1999 - today : Visualization of every Geelen Counterflow machine type
2002 - 2007 : Visualization of several Holland Casino's Interiors
2005 - 2009 : Visualization of several Flash Casino's Interiors
2002 - 2010 : instructions and promotion for Somas, a medical company (Ossür nowadays)
2003 : stereoscopic VR animation for lintronics

2003 : NIBG (Museum voor Beeld en geluid) : a virtual ride on a moving platform
2005: de Efteling: previz animation of the "Vliegende Hollander" ride
2007 - 2008 : Miele Netherlands. Visualizations for decision making in the building meetings. From concept to final design
2009 : concept visualization of interiors from Happy Street, the dutch pavilion for the world expo 2010
2009 : 3D reconstruction of "De Beurs van Berlage"
2009 : 3D reconstruction of "Het Evoluon"
2012 : Produce complete working rigs of Heerema's Hermod and Balder.
2012 : Visualisation of the new Nationaal Archief interior.
2008 - 2020 : Visualisation of over 100 new stores for a well known supermarket brand.
2010- 2017 : Interior/ routing visualisations for several supermarket brands
2014 : Complete city plan off the centre of Best.
2014, 2015 : visualising design studies for Volvo's "Experience in Motion", by van Eijk & van der Lubbe.
2015 : Modelling and visualing a complete Stadler III train for a Railway tender.
2015 : 3D prints in Bronze and Steel for van Eijk & van der Lubbe.
2016 :  shop in shop display system visualisations for Samsonite, Huawei and Maxi- Cosi
2016 : yet another public transport tender (top secret, alas)
2017 : video tracking and 3D montage in a drone flight above Strijp-S
2017 :  VR animation (360, Samsung Gear) of the new interior standard of a large well known supermarket brand
2017 : 3D Renders and VR walkthrough (360, HTC Vive) for Princes Maxima Centre Hospital
2017 : VR Roomscale expericence (HTC Vive) for AMC (Amsterdam Hospital
2017 : visuals and animations containing bifrost watersimulation animations
2018:  we managed to use VR 3D tracked data succesfully to drive (realistic) 1st person camera animation in a 3D model

2017- till today : still busy and evolving but new work will be posted on
and here's the name dropping :
Booth visualizations for Harley Davidson, Mazda, Honda, Hyundai, Philips Medical, UPM, Bridgestone, PPG, Dorel, Vanderlande,
Bitburger, FEI, DSM, Agfa, Bayer, Panasonic, Atos Origin, Daewoo, Bavaria, Volvo, ING, Bobcat/ Doosan, Kramp, NXP

Interior Visualisations for BDO, Bitburger, Philips, Swissotel, Van der Valk, Agfa, Miele, Rabobank, NXP, DAF, PSV, Woonbedrijf, Accenture, Princes Maxima Hospital, Emté, Metropool
Museum visualisations for NIBG, VOLT, Nationaal Archief, Museum Noord Holland, Industrieel Museum Zeeland, Geofort, Universiteits museum Utrecht, Batavialand
Visuals/ animations for (amongst others) Floriade, Spirotech, TNO, Valvoline, Océ, Nuon, Rockwool, Lapinus, Schwarzkopf.

Over 2400 (and counting) projects, be it stills & animations, multimedia applications, stereoscopic animations, 3D prints, panoramic renders (cardboard vr), VR, AR, (3D) WebGL etcetera.
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